Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello blogger i have a new poem for you today but before i get to that i want to shear some good new with you. I have been entering poetry contest on the Internet and one of the judges from a contest respond back to me and now my poem is in the semifinal's how great is that i could be published. The poem that i enter was called "MOTHER'S MESSAGE FROM ABOVE" you could check it out by reading one of my earlier post. Now here is my new poem tell me what you think.

I have an idea, I know
what to do. I can own my
own store or fish upon
the shore. I can sing
to a crowd or marry a king.
I can do so much, you just
watch and see. I have
an idea
, I know what to do.
I can be a guitar player or
even drop out of school. There
is so much I can do just
watch and see. But most of
all I just think I'll be me.


  1. Well, my English is not perfect and certainly not poetry.
    But if you like it you must continue.

  2. Encouraging and inspiring poem. Makes me want to try something new. Congrats on the contest. Great news!!

  3. Oh congratulation Shonda!!To get participate in a semi already concider qualified.
    That's why i believe in you,the best thing in our life is to be ourself..nice poem,love it:)

  4. Shonda...this is yet another striking poem...very thoughtful. loved it...Keep it up and yes many congratulations for your poetic feat. My best wishes to you. Hope you win the contest :D

  5. WOw thank you so much @robert,sun and bella, fazril, and aswani you have said so many kind words thank you so much for that. Also thank you for the congratulation on the contest

  6. Congratulations on becoming a finalist.

  7. Another Excellent poem keep up the great work shonda.

  8. Thank you so much ron that's really nice to here

  9. Ciaoo Shonda! How cooooool is that! Congrats and I can totally understand why you're in the semi-finals! Your poems are simply lovely! Keep it up!!

  10. Thank you TJ thank really nice to here from you thank you so much for the congratulations