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Thursday, August 19, 2010


G-Great is you mercy.
Great is your works in
all the land.
Great is your love.
Great is how you
Created man.
Great is what you are.
Great is what you be.
Great is what you are to me.

O-Oh so loving, oh so kind.
Oh so awesome and Divine.
Oh home much I love you.
Oh how much I care.

D-Does everything without fear.
Does just what you said you do.
Does everything right.
Does love me oh how I,
Do konw it's true.


  1. Wow what a great poem i love this. I love God too. This is so beautiful. Good job shonda keep up the good work

  2. Hi Shonda, beautiful poem. Keep writing :)

  3. Shonda, Very nice poem. Keep up the great work.

  4. The most greatest love is loving our creators.
    And that is GOD! Love your writing,love God too. May God bless us:)

  5. What a beautiful post, Great writing.

  6. Thank you Fazrul and yes may God bless us. Thank you to Ron for you kind words

  7. You just keep getting better and better. Great post.

  8. Aging thank you Ron that means so much to me to here you said that Thank you