Monday, August 2, 2010

God's Wrath

Hey fellow blogger i written a new poem which really speaks to me and i hope it speaks to you as well so tell me what you think

The wrath of God is like
no other. For you will know
when it's coming. It is
powerful and loud.
Strong and forceful.
That no one, man, woman,
or child could escape it.
God's wrath against mankind
shall be revealed in front of
every ones eyes. For when that
day comes and his wrath is revealed
don't run and hide just embrace it,
and pray that you make it, to
the other side.


  1. God IS good.
    I love God more than any other things in this world,nice it:)

  2. Thank you Fazrul i too love God more than anything you should check out one of my older post it's a poem about God it's called my thank you pray