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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some new art pieces

Here are some new art pieces well one of them is new and the other is old the first is the old one, this is of a man one half is a magazine and the other have is my drawing. The second one is a new drawing i just did this a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy


Hello Blogger i am sorry for not posting in such a long time, but i have been really busy. I am now back in school. I started a new semester and i can't believe that i will be transfer to Temple University soon. I have been writing paper after paper after paper but now i finally have some time to post. I also have been still writing my poetry well as drawing so i do have a lot of new stuff to share. This new poem that i wrote is called CHANGING so here it is

I am changing right before your eyes.
Becoming someone you don't recognize.
I am growing and learning and expanding my mind.
I am becoming someone new, with wide open eyes.
Now I can see what i didn't know was there.
But do you really care.
There is so much in this big old world.
You just have to take a chance and be willing to learn.