Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello Blogger i am sorry for not posting in such a long time, but i have been really busy. I am now back in school. I started a new semester and i can't believe that i will be transfer to Temple University soon. I have been writing paper after paper after paper but now i finally have some time to post. I also have been still writing my poetry well as drawing so i do have a lot of new stuff to share. This new poem that i wrote is called CHANGING so here it is

I am changing right before your eyes.
Becoming someone you don't recognize.
I am growing and learning and expanding my mind.
I am becoming someone new, with wide open eyes.
Now I can see what i didn't know was there.
But do you really care.
There is so much in this big old world.
You just have to take a chance and be willing to learn.


  1. Do not worry,we understand you my friend..and your poem can always replace your present for a while:)

  2. Thank you Fazrul for understanding and you are my friend too. :) :) :)